New menu updates!

Here at Dandelion, we have always put organic ingredients at the top of our list. We believe that quality can be tasted and our bodies feel better after eating it! Now, thanks to so many more organic farms starting up in Central Florida, we are able to extend that focus even more on seasonal, local, AND organic with our new menu changes, as well as implementing even more mouth-watering flavors into each dish!

We started with our lettuce – instead of using spring mix, which is at its peak mainly in the spring, we switched to a rotating blend of fresh lettuces, so we can implement greens from our local farmers that are being picked just before delivery. Currently, that includes the awesome folks at Frog Song Organics near Gainesville, Southern Urban Gardens, and New Growth Urban Farms right here in Orlando, who are the curators of our beautiful Dandy garden!

Now let’s talk about flatbread. Olde Hearth Bread Company is now not just the makers of our sourdough and wheat bread, they are also making flatbread for us! This is another rotating menu item, using the freshest ingredients. Right now we have a pesto & butternut squash flatbread with a roselle reduction and arugula, sourcing ingredients from both New Growth and Frog Song. This will change with the season, giving us the opportunity to support our local farms even more.

Some of you will be sad to see that Black Bean Dip is no longer on the menu. Instead, we are making our Black Bean Burrito with warm Cuban-style black beans, cooked with onions, garlic, and a hint of orange! We are doing away with canned beans and moving to cooking these from dry, which enhances the flavors even more, as well as being better for the environment.

We also used this menu update to change up some of the flavors. Our pumpkin seeds are now roasted and BBQ-spiced and we also have curry cashews. We are now pickling our yellow onions as well as jalapenos and other seasonal items (right now we have local cucumbers, radishes and turnips all in brine). Our smaller pieces of bread are now being put to good use to make herbed croutons, which can be added to any salad or wrap. The Mediterranean now has sumac onions, a tomato-cucumber salad, and is served with Green Goddess dressing. Also, have y’all even tried our BLT tater tots? Out of this world good.

Please feel free to let us know what you think of the changes! You can reach me directly at

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