Community Giving

 At Dandelion, it is our intention to do good for our community. It is our chosen responsibility and pleasure to make  contributions that strengthen the wellness, social, economic, and cultural fabric of this community. We recognize there are many causes worthy of support, but by focusing our resources in a few areas we feel our impact is greater. We are involved in many of the major non-profit efforts involving the rebuilding of a robust local food economy, including co-founding OurLando and support of Slow Food Orlando, Simple Living Institute, Homegrown Co-op and numerous independent efforts that aim to make our community a more interesting, healthy and fun place to call home.

We will try to respond to your contribution request if we can identify with the effort or the cause. We try not to base our decision upon whether our own self-interest will be helped by responding or hurt by not responding. We will ask these questions:

A. Is your organization or event clearly nonprofit or charitable as well as being locally based & grown?

B. Is your request coming from an organization that will improve access to healthy local food or contribute to the wellness of our community in an authentic and grassroots way?

C. Does contributing to your organization touch on our prioritized areas of concern?

If the shoe fits, we thank you for filling out the request form (below). We appreciate your time in assisting us to make effective decisions toward the betterment of our community. Please understand that the more lead time we are given to consider your request, the greater the chance that we can find some way to help you. Also, while we wish we could support every cause out there, please know that we get inundated with requests and have a budget for giving that must be maintained in order to remain a sustainable enterprise in our community.

Fill out my online form.

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