Why Fair USA?

Farmworkers in the USA, including Florida, are not treated fairly?

Did you know that there have been seven prosecuted cases of modern day slavery involving farmworkers in Florida? While we have a highly visible Fair Trade International movement to deal with working conditions for crops grown on foreign lands, it is extremely rare that one hears about the atrocities that occur right here in America, and shockingly some of the most horrific tragedies are happening RIGHT NOW in our backyard.

Our Approach

We are working to build direct relationships with local organic growers so that we might walk the land and witness the working conditions for ourselves, in addition to asking questions about labor practices. Just because a crop is organic does NOT ensure that workers are treated fairly, yet another reason to know your grower.

These issues are so serious and directly effect all of us, so Dandelion is dedicated to raising awareness and taking action where necessary. We hosted the Modern Day Slavery Museum on its tour through Florida in Spring 2010 and former co-owner Julie Norris  dedicated an entire series of Front Porch Radio segments to the various issues in Farmworker Rights.

We also selected the Coalition of Immokalee Workers as the first organization to be featured as part of our Tea for Change program. Much more information and action will be presented to our patrons in the future.


There are too many for me to list here. The folks over at YaYa have the most extensive list of resources compiled for us.



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