Chakra Blends

Balanced Chakras

We are proud to carry an exquisite line of Chakra Herbal Blends, custom crafted exclusively for Dandelion Communitea Cafe by Dawn Gates, Master Herbalist & Registered Nurse. All blends are available for purchase in bulk. We use only the finest organically grown & wildcrafted herbs, roots & berries.

For more information on the body parts, physical dis-function & psychological functions each chakra is associated with, please take a look at the Chakra Chart.

Take this Chakra Test to see which blend might be appropriate for you.

Chakra Balancing | Lotus leaves, Roses, Blue vervain, Burdock root, Rose hips

Crown | Thought ~ Awareness ~ Self-Knowledge
Violet leaves, Hibiscus flowers, Angelica root

Third Eye | Light ~ Intuition ~ Self-Reflection
Mugwort, Lavender flowers, Catnip, Blue Vervain

Throat | Sound ~ Creativity & Communication ~ Self-Expression
Calamus root, Rosehips, Cornflowers

Heart | Social ~ Love Compassion Peace ~ Self-Acceptance
Nettles, Spearmint, Bilberry fruit

Solar Plexus | Ego ~  Personal Power ~ Self-definition
Roasted Dandelion, Carmadon, Chamomile flowers

Sacral | Emotions ~ Sexual Regeneration ~ Self-Gratification
Red roses, Orange peel, Cinnimon chips, Red raspberry leaf

Root| Physical ~ Security ~ Self-Preservation
Burdock root, Red Roses, Goji berries

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