Green Tea

Fresh grassy flavor & high in antioxidants, green tea may reduce high blood pressure, builds bone density and improves mental clarity.

Jasmine Haze This light but rich green tea has a delicate scent of Mao Jian Jasmine… we’ll excuse you while you kiss the sky

Golden Gen Mai Cha Traditional Japanese green tea blended with the earthy flavor of toasted and popped rice with a buttery tone

Ginger Lemon Lights Mellow lemon myrtle and crisp lemongrass blended with tummy taming ginger and exquisite green tea creates an invigorating cup

Green Garden of Eden Sinfully delicious sencha blended with chamomile, hibiscus, calendula & purple mallow flowers reveals a hint of cinnamon spice

Serendipity Sencha When serendipity is smiling upon you, sip on this traditional Japanese sencha tea with typical grassy character

Morockin’ Mint Rock on with this magnificent duo of Gunpowder green tea and Peppermint Refreshing hot or iced

Gunpowder Green Bear hugs, not arms as you watch tightly rolled green tea leaves unfurl to reveal surprising body and a captivating, almost nutty green tea taste.

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