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**Listen to co-proprietor Julie Norris discuss this program in depth on Front Porch Radio.**
We love this changing economy, really, we do. Folks are waking up to the effects of mass consumption and the emptiness of big business and tuning into a simpler and more sustainable existence. Yet, the change is not without it’s challenges, and for our independent business, keeping up with cash flow & expenses as costs fluctuate is challenging our ability to grow the business like we need to.

We’ve got a plan to not just survive, but THRIVE in the next year, but we cannot do it without YOU! So we’ve outlined ways YOU can help promote us, donate or  invest in us (cash and barter) and raise the friggin roof, so we can all enjoy each others contributions in eco-communitea style!

This is a Community Supported Enterprise model of economic stimulus & a progressive approach to  grow our small business.

If you do ONE THING today, forward this page to all your friends. If you’ve got more time, take action today to keep us cooking!

  1. Share: ways to promote our local goodness
  2. Donate: Our goal is to have 1,111 people donate just $11.11
  3. Invest: discounts on gift certificates, barter your services, invest through direct loans or be considered for ownership
  4. Grow: add covered decks, using green construction & an old fashioned barn-raising approach

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