Expand our capacity & reduce our risk by building a covered deck using green construction practices!

The Problem: We need more elbow room!
Our cafe is small and thus our business is highly dependent on the weather. With so many local cafes now open with more comfortable weather-proof alternatives, we are unable to keep up with events we used to accommodate.

Our cafe is bustling with customers, but the diverse range of those customers begin raising eyebrows at each other – our lunching business professionals are eyeing all the adorbable babies slinging hummus at one another, the internet guys can’t find a seat with a plug next to it and the evening crowd don’t have rain-proof space to rock out, spout poetry or network into the evening.

The Solution: Add a covered deck!
We used to joke about “raising the roof” at the launch of Dandelion, and now it’s not a laughing matter, but a concrete way to secure the profitability of the cafe while remaining true to our purpose of being a prime community gathering place.

We literally want to raise two roof’s – a modest one behind the cafe where the handicap spot is now and a more robust covered deck complete with built in stage, fans, lights and misters on the front patio space.

By adding more square footage and two safe new sections to the cafe, everyone will have more elbow room, events can be planned and held without fear, and those hummus slinging babies (one of them will be mine!) can have a little play area to keep themselves entertained.

But wait, it gets better! What if we were able to take this barn-raising to the next level and become a model home for green building & products? Not only would we be be able to educate our community about this growing and often confusing industry, we would be able to stimulate and synergize local green building experts and the authentic eco-products they love through an old-fashioned community effort.

We would document the process through the use of an online blog, complete with videopods featuring each product and layer of construction for professional & home users alike to use as an entertaining & educational resource for years into the future.

The Best Win-Win-Win-Win We’ve Ever Dreamed Up!
We are known throughout Central Florida as the authentic “green” business and our reputation as community innovators and sustainable experts already attracts conscious consumers in the area & we have quickly become a destination for tourists as well. Becoming a model home using the “reduce, reuse, recycle, restore” mantra would attract even more folks seeking out a working example of new construction and retro-fitting for business and home owners alike.

Offering a printed “Green Guide to Dandelion” in combination with a robust video-documented & highly promoted website would offer folks an authentic recommendation from a source they trust, and stimulate the reputation of local eco professionals in the process as we would naturally want to source as locally as possible. This approach means the planet, “consumers” (our community!), invested service & product partners and Dandelion all win!

Service Partners (contact us to see your name listed here)

  • Richard T.¬†Reep, M. Arch., LEED-AP
    2011 President, Orlando Chapter, AIA
    Adjunct Professor, Growth Studies Department, Rollins College
  • Green Construction Team
  • Video Production
  • Marketing & Public Relations

Product Partners & Installers (contact us to see your name listed here)

  • American Clay installed by local artisan Jeff Barrett and distributor Ryan Barry
  • My Yard Farm Edible Landscaping & Garden – see garden blog here
  • More to Come….

Project Manager: Ginger Puckett