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This investment option is just one part of our Community Supported Enterprise program.

Additional Investment Options

Direct Micro-Loans

Seeking multiple “local lenders” at the $1,000 – $5,000 range. Easy, legally binding loans negotiate collaborativelly through Lending Karma. More Info.

Green Business & Construction Trade

We have identified one way to grow our business is by adding a covered deck to the cafe. We have a unique idea to get this accomplished through trade donations of time, services and products to turn Dandelion into a model “Green Home.” Click here for more information.

Bartering Services

We are always open to bartering with professionals who may have an expertise in accounting, legal matters, marketing, handywork, etc for those professionals who dine at Dandy regularly and would see value in this type of exchange. Contact Julie for more info.


As a social enterprise practicing conscious capitalism, we would consider partnership with someone or a group of folks who get our unique business model and wants to invest in Dandelion’s growth potential. This is a more complex route to take from a legal & relationship perspective, but we are looking to connect with like-minded individuals. Please review the About Us section of the website for background on Dandelion and Contact Julie for more information.

Resources & Articles

Community Supported Enterprises

This concept responds to the idea that many businesses…play an irreplaceable part in community life that isn’t captured in the daily sales transactions. Customers and community members are willing to honor that role through creative financial support that can take many forms.

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Social activist and local living economies advocate shares her investment secrets

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Americans want to invest locally: here’s how.

Community Investment: It’s Classic

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