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Invest with Love

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Please scroll down to read terms & explanation on how this investment program works prior to purchase.

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$250 Level (Earn $10)

$500 Level (Earn $30)

$1,000 Level (Earn $80)

$2,500 Level (Earn $200 +10% Discount)

Did you chip in $25 or more? You can convert your chip in to a gift card investment by entering in the difference when you use the donate button. Ex: If you chipped in $100, and would like to now invest at the $250 level, just enter $150 in the “donation” amount & let us know how much you originally chipped in where it asks you to leave a message for us.

About this Program

Congratulations! By investing in a Communitea Gift Card you are participating in an investment strategy called Community Support Enterprise (“CSE”). You are a member of the local community that appreciates what Dandelion means to our quality of life. That makes you one of many like-minded investors who recognize that businesses that serve only the local community need extra nurturing. The result is a two stage return on your investment – you receive more value for your money in the form of Communitea Gift Cards, and you invest in the community at large by allowing businesses such as ours to sustain themselves and grow. That’s what makes us a CSE!

In a nutshell:
  1. Buy a gift card
  2. Get MORE $value than you paid for! (see chart below)
  3. We issue you a series of gift cards.
  4. At your option, we will also feature you on our blog & in our Dandy Investors directory, with a link to your business or blog, to keep the prosperity flowing.

How it Works

Here are the terms and conditions for our Communitea Gift Card Investment Program. Many thanks go to our first investor, Business Attorney Jim Lussier for helping us with this package.

The short version is that you provide us with up-front payment in an amount you can afford. We then repay you with Communitea Gift Cards that exceed the value of your investment. Your return on a cash basis is felt when you enjoy the delicious food and drinks served at Dandelion Communitea Café that you already paid for. Also, during you many return visits, you will be able observe and participate in the community-wide return on your investment – the growth of our business, and like-minded businesses.

Communitea Gift Card Investment Levels
If You
You Will
Return on
Gift Card
per Quarter
# of Gift Cards
Issued To You
Over Time
$250 $260 $10 or 4% $65.00 4
$500 $530 $30 or 6% $66.25 8
$1,000 $1,080 $80 or 8% $90.00 12
$2,500* $2,700 $200 or 8% $135.00 20

*This investment level also receives a 10% discount on all purchases

We offer four different investment levels. The percentage return on your investment increases with the size of your investment. We distribute the Communitea Gift Cards incrementally, on a quarterly basis, so that you receive the return on your investment over time. This allows us to use your investment to nurture and grow our business, while allowing you repeated opportunities over the months and years ahead to visit us and enjoy our delicious food and unique community spirit.

So, we ask for your full investment up front, and reward you over time – a true investment in our local community.

Usage details: The quarterly amount of your return is entered on the data strip on each Communitea Gift Card. When you pay for your purchases with your Communitea Gift Card, we will deduct the full amount (including taxes) each visit, up to the full quarterly amount on each card. The Communitea Gift Card is issued to you or your business, but you may allow anyone to use it. If your Communitea Gift Card is lost or stolen, please let us know so we can cancel it and issue you a new one. However, we will not be responsible for replacing any amount of use made by an unauthorized user.

Like all investments, this one has some risk. We ask our investors to give us all the support they can so that we can continue to provide the delicious organic meals, drinks, and “Communitea” that inspires you to make this investment in the first place. We thank you sincerely and wholeheartedly for your CSE investment and your continued support, and look forward to expanding our “Communitea” with the help of your investment.

Methods of Payment

Online: You may make your investment online by paying for your Communitea Gift Cards at the selected investment level via credit card or PayPal. If you make your investment online, we will mail your first gift card to you along with a copy of this investment form. By making an online purchase, you are automatically agreeing to the terms and conditions of this investment offer.

In Person: If you make your investment in person at Dandelion, you can pay with a credit card, check, or even cash! If you make your investment in person, we will ask you to sign a copy of this agreement, and we will give you a copy for your files. Please see a teatender for more details.

This investment option is just one part of our Community Supported Enterprise program, discover a level you are comfortable with!