We are super proud to boast a loyal patronage at Dandelion, but with more rad dining options becoming available in the area (go Ourlando!) and less discretionary income for our core clientele due to the economy, we’ve realized that for the sake of all small businesses in the area, the core community needs to grow much wider.  That is where we could use your help promoting Dandelion in your  neighborhood, office and  circle of influence. Below are some easy ways to spread the good word!


  • Distribute flyers around town, we have a whole box of em at the cafe waiting for you!
  • Tell everyone about our Keep Dandy Cooking Campaign!
  • Introduce new people to the cafe! We have a special offer to bring in two new customers & we will buy your lunch! (Look at the bottom of your most recent receipt!)
  • Become a friend on MySpace, Twitter & Facebook for up-to-date info on specials & events.
  • Join our mailing list to get information packed newsletters & forward to friends who might be interested!
  • Talk about Dandy – Tweet us, Blog Us, Write about us in your company or organization newsletter
  • Connect us with money – smart values-based investment options are available for different comfort levels – please let the angels amongst us know about these great opportunities!